SmartMeeting Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Do some work for a change with the Lenovo Smart Meeting Room Solution

Meetings just got a lot smarter with the Lenovo Smart Meeting Room Solution – say goodbye to technical difficulties and time wasted in unproductive meetings.

SMART Meeting Pro 4.0 collaboration software

Find out about this powerful visual collaboration software which allows users to create and capture ideas in the virtually unlimited interactive Unbound ...

Smart Meeting Planner

Using Whiteboard Mode in SMART Meeting Pro 4

In this video, you'll learn how to use the essential functions of the whiteboard mode in SMART Meeting Pro 4.

SMART Meeting Pro Overview

A quick overview of how to run a meeting using SMART Meeting Pro software.

SMART Meeting Pro Connector for Microsoft Lync

Take the power of SMART's Freestorm solutions. Combine it with Microsoft Lync. Instantly, you have connected collaboration -- even across distance.

Getting Started with SMART Meeting Pro Personal Edition 1.1

This video will show you the basic features and tools available in SMART Meeting Pro Personal Edition. SMART Meeting Pro Personal Edition enables you to ...

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How To Add/Remove Contact Photos On Android

How to guide: In this guide, I show you how to add or remove a photo from a ...

iPad Conference Networking Apps Reviewed

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